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Crush your goals in record time.

Automated A/B Testing

Playable ads are now the most effective in-app ad format and harder to scale than ever. Effective testing can be expensive, and time-consuming. Simple mistakes like failing to isolate test variables can even completely invalidate results. Automated A/B testing and optimization takes the stress away. Specify test criteria and let it run without managing hundreds of campaigns and creatives.

Performance reports and daily insights keep you connected. PlayableLab's test infrastructure handles complicated test logistics while you focus on performance.

PlayableLab A/B tests can:

  • Target KPI's for optimization.
  • Run across one or multiple platforms using the same creative tag.
  • Run across one or multiple campaigns.
  • Limit test traffic to a portion of campaign traffic (0% - 100%).
  • Limit test traffic to specific geos.
  • Restore baseline creative settings at any time.
  • Set time limits on test.

Unlock Intelligent Scale

PlayableLab achieves optimization through a three-pronged approach. First, we work with you to target key performance metrics like cost per payer (CPP) or CPI/CVR and develop an optimization plan via A/B testing. Next, our AI analysis tools model playable performance, identifying opportunities to improve engagement. Finally, our machine-learning pipeline flags anomalous behavior, such as click fraud via bots to reduce fraudulent spend.

Lower acquisition costs, boost performance, and increase yield.